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Last Levy Post...maybe

Semi-finals are here so just a few more weeks to see William Levy strut his stuff on Dancing with the Stars! Even though he definitely comes in #1 for charisma, I'm not betting he'll win because some of the ladies (i.e., Katherine) have better lines, footwork and all that. I made one more video in honor of him before the season ends. This was his salsa from week 3, which I like the best so far because he seemed to be having the most fun with it. You can see his original dance here. I love the song accompanying it "La Vida Es Un Carnaval," which was actually sitting in my iPod playlist for a few years because I couldn't think of interesting choreo to match it. That song with Levy moving to it was all the inspiration I needed!



Inspired by a Mr. William Levy

My Zumba students have been bearing my mini obsession with William Levy this season on Dancing with the Stars. I first noticed this Cuban cutie patootie over a year ago on Real Housewives of Miami and wasn't surprised when he became an overnight sensation on DWTS. The guy is easy to look at, is a natural on the dance floor, and seems genuinely humble about all the attention...what's not to love? Anyway I was so excited to see him highlighted every week that I incorporated some of his dance moves into my Zumba routines. A few brave class members indulged my creative juices by dancing with me in a couple of YouTube vids. Below is a variation on Levy's second dance, the quickstep. Not the typical Latin flavor but still a lot of fun! You can check out his original dance here.



Exercise Zumba Video: Rain Over Me

Oh the joys of being able to keep up with a 12-year-old, especially after having to celebrate a recent milestone birthday (an age I won't mention since I'm still in denial!). Not just any super-cute 12-year-old, Carina has been dancing for nine years and is currently in her fifth year performing in Boston Ballet's The Nutcracker. She's got 14 more shows to go but took time out to try Zumba for the first time. I like this routine because it's pretty repetitive and easy to follow, yet still gets your heart pumping!