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Exercise Zumba Video: Fusing Fitness & Faith

Though my faith in God is what defines me as a person, I sometimes struggle with integrating practical expressions of faith into everyday work life. I try to be mindful of situations where God might use me, maybe by offering kindness and compassion to someone in my direct path who seems to need it. Or saying a prayer for those I see struggling or just having a crappy day. It's easier to do in a hospital setting where people are obviously hurting, physically and emotionally, or seeing clients who are struggling with body image problems and low self-esteem.

But how about in my fitness world? I love that exercise makes people stronger physically and gets the blood flowing so that mentally it often clears away (at least temporarily) negative emotions like stress or depression. Our bodies are "temples," so exercise itself honors God as we care for our temples. There are some innovative concepts like ActivPrayer, an organization that teaches high energy faith-based fitness classes now being developed in health clubs, churches, and community centers across the country. More recently as I was combing through YouTube videos of Zumba routines hoping to be inspired by new choreography, I came across some exercise instructors named H.O.T. Z Team, who openly profess their faith and provide routines set to Christian songs. I never thought to put God and Zumba together! Not only are their Christian music choices perfect for Zumba but they're extremely talented instructors with fun, easy to follow choreography. Definitely an inspiration and a reminder that God is where you'd least expect. My friends Mia and Fen helped dance out one of their songs in the video below. There's nothing that would announce "Christian" in the routine, but I know what the lyrics say, and I think of God as I move to them! The song is Boomin' by Toby Mac: "Boomin' out the stereo system. Here to rep the Most High with this one."

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Reader Comments (3)

You GO girls! Love this and thanks for the shout out.

Thankful to be your sister in Christ!

September 6, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterAngela Beeler

WOW Angela (choreographer for this song) from HOT Zumba! – so honored, thanks for visiting!

September 7, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterFitMamaEats

Interesting video Thanks for Sharing.

November 18, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterSurgery India

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