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Dietitian Spoofs

There's a lot you can find on YouTube nowadays. I stumbled on a hilarious collection of videos created by the Xtranormal program where you can write a script that translates into animated videos. I enjoyed the spoofs of healthcare workers pitted against each other like Dietitian vs. Doctor, or Physical Therapist vs. Registered Nurse, or Med Student vs. Nurse. There's plenty of truth to the sketches and at times you can see the creator letting out a little lot of frustration!

This was the experience of Sara Vogt, aka RegisteredDietitian, who is a stay-at-home mom pursuing her Masters degree in Medical Dietetics and taking the RD exam at the end of this year. She says about her videos, "They are all composites of real conversations that I've had or that professors have used as examples in class. Many times during my internship I'd get frustrated while at work, so I would use this as an outlet. If there was a situation in which it was not appropriate for me to say something or if my words fell on deaf ears I was able to go home and capture the moment in a 'Dietitian vs.' video." Check out one of Sara's videos below "Dietitian vs. Supplement Salesperson"

I also chuckled at this one entitled "Dietitian Interviewing a Potential Dietetic Student" created by Nancy Ortiz, MS, RD, aka the FrugalDietitian. Nancy told me that she created the video with the input of her RD colleagues as they'd become frustrated with people listing "bogus" credentials giving nutrition advice that could be dangerous to one's health and wallet. Check it out below, which also has a Part 2 and 3! You can also find Nancy on her facebook page.

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