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Product Review: Extend Nutrition

Everyone has a favorite bar, and I don't mean candy bar (at least for this post!). Meal bars, protein bars and snack bars are it. Most of them have protein and added vitamins; some have fiber. Whether used as an on-the-go light breakfast, to satisfy a craving between meals, or as a pre/post-workout snack, bars are popular and here to stay.

I received a sampling of products from Extend Nutrition. I'd never heard of the company though it's been around for more than 10 years. I'm wary of health claims on the front of packaging but couldn't help being intrigued by their big claim of controlling blood sugar for up to 9 hours. Even for diabetics? Or for the average Joe who drinks coffee all day and eats one mega meal at night? Their website answered that by clearly stating the products are intended for sports fitness, weight control and diabetes management. The area of diabetes fascinates me so much that I'm working towards becoming a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE), so I'm aware that a certain diet can absolutely improve blood sugar control. But I'm skeptical that a bar alone can do this...and for up to 9 hours.

Yet as I explored the website further, I learned that Extend Nutrition was originally invented for people with type 1 and 2 diabetes, prediabetes, gestational diabetes and low blood sugar or hypoglycemia. There is published research using Extend Bars to show their effectiveness. It even gets high customer reviews on Amazon.com.

Depending on flavor, the bars contain 130-150 calories, 3-5 grams of fat, 10-12 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber. There's little to no sugar but they contain maltitol, a sugar alcohol that is not digestible. Its magic ingredient for keeping blood sugars steady is a low glycemic, slow-digesting corn starch. Each bar is equivalent to 1 1/2 carb choices. The crisps have similar nutrition, with slightly less protein (8 grams) and fiber (3 grams). Note that the main protein in the bars is soy protein isolate in case this ingredient concerns you. All products are gluten-free.

So how did they taste? Fine. All of the bar flavors were mildly tasty and not sweet. Chewy but not crumbly dry. Actually a good thing that they weren't so delicious that you'd be tempted to eat two at a time. The White Cheddar and Cinnamon Crisps tasted similarly to their rice cake counterparts. Again, decent flavor but not so great you'd lose control and overeat. 

I replaced my usual afternoon KIND Bar snack with an Extend Bar for a few days. Generally I snack on something every few hours between meals and I can't say I noticed a big difference after eating the Extend Bar...was ready as always for my next snack two hours later. 

As an additional experiment I gave these products to two patients I follow, both with type 2 diabetes requiring insulin. One is noncompliant with her diabetes medications and eats inconsistent meals (so frequently has very high blood sugar); the other is strict with his meals and insulin because he is motivated to become healthier after a recent heart attack (so usually very good numbers). Neither noted a big change in their blood sugar levels after trying the bars but I guess neither were the best test patients. I wouldn't expect a bar to solve hyperglycemia in someone eating a poor diet, nor would I have expected these bars to worsen blood sugar control or show even better numbers in the compliant patient.

The bottom line is that the nutritional profile of these products is very good and can be useful if you're looking to lose weight or need a small workout snack. They're just enough to give you that little boost or to quiet a craving. I'm not sure yet if the products truly help control blood sugar better than other low-sugar high-protein/fiber bars (e.g., Quest) or a traditional diabetic snack of peanut butter on whole grain crackers, but they are a perfectly acceptable option.

Extend products are available at Walgreens and on the Extend website and Amazon.com.

Disclosure: I received product samples from Extend Nutrition in kind, which helped facilitate my review.


Pumpkin Pizza with Caramelized Onions and Cashew Cream

I don't love the hot and humid of summer and yet I was sad when August faded, replaced by hints of fall: back-to-school sales, olive and mustard hues in mall stores, and the most obvious—pumpkin recipes. Guess I just wasn't ready to let go of summer highlights like ice cream on the beach and wearing flip flops every day.

But pumpkin has been showing up everywhere, including inside a package I received from Stop & Shop promoting their new pumpkin products. So I've decided to be a grateful New Englander and embrace the changing seasons, starting with a new fall recipe for pumpkin pizza.

It's inspired from flavors that I already like. I used the Stop & Shop pumpkin sauce as a base instead of tomato, and added caramelized onions to heighten its natural sweetness. As a change, I experimented cooking the onions in a little maple syrup instead of regular sugar and they came out great! I then covered the sauce and onions with corn and black beans, a common duo, and arugula. I decided to skip the cheese—I know, a pizza sacrilege—but two ingredients were a great substitute: cashew cream and nutritional yeast. Cashew cream is so easy to make...just soak cashews for 30 minutes or overnight and blend with water. I made it similarly to this easy recipe except I used roasted instead of raw cashews. After the pizza ingredients were heated through and the dough was nicely browned, I drizzled on the rich cashew cream and sprinkled the nutritional yeast, which has a naturally cheesy flavor. Yum! I completely forgot about real cheese.

I mean seriously, this is simple deliciousness.

Disclosure: I received the above pumpkin products from Stop & Shop in kind, which helped facilitate my recipe.


Broccoli Carrot Apple Salad with Honey Toasted Walnuts

I thank my mom for addicting me to broccoli at a young age, as she did with my son Jake. When Jake went through a picky eating stage, broccoli was one of the six foods he would eat! My mom's method is stir-frying the broccoli for a few minutes and then steaming for a few more. They transform into a vibrant rich green, crispy but tender enough to chew easily. To this day I love all broccoli, whether it's mom's way, roasted, pan-fried, or even my mother-in-law's technique of oversteaming until the stalks turn mushy and grey-green. I also store several bags of frozen broccoli in case I forget to buy fresh or fresh is too expensive.

This summer, I've fallen in love with a broccoli salad dish that incorporates honey toasted walnuts. I heat some olive oil and honey in a pan on medium-high heat and add 1/2 cup chopped walnuts, stirring the mixture until the sauce thickens and the walnuts brown. I then blanch broccoli florets for a few minutes until just tender. After cooling them, they get tossed into a bowl with shaved carrots, diced apples and the toasted walnuts. In this version I dressed the salad with Vegenaise but you can use any favorite salad dressing. The crisp, rich honeyed walnuts taste amazing and are the real star of the dish! Those nuggets blended with crunchy apples and carrots covered in a creamy mayo make this a wow recipe. 


I've returned the favor to my mom and now made her an addict to MY broccoli salad ๐Ÿ˜„